Don’t Quit Your Day Job or Day Dream

It’s so easy to get caught up in the wave of travel. I mean, how many articles on Facebook have we seen with something like the following headline:

“I Quit My Full Time, Cushy, Corporate Job To Travel And You Can Too!”

But what if you actually LIKE your full-time job and still want to travel? I think you can. I love my job; I work in the exact industry that 1) my degree is in and 2) that I told myself I would be in. I worked dang hard to get here too. I want to see the world, but must that come at the expense of my job?


For the majority of people, quitting is just not an option. Bills don’t pay themselves (I wish they did though). In most cases, quitting a job to travel full time is not a feasible lifestyle, nor should we be coaxed into thinking that way.

If you’re miserable in your job, that’s a different problem. But if you’re happy in your career or job, use that money you’ve earned and GO!

  • Make travel a priority
    • Work overtime, pick up a second job, cut back on those boozy brunches and Starbucks (it’s hard, I know!) to reach your travel goals
  • Actually take your vacation time from work 
    • Studies show that workers are leaving HALF of their vacation time on the table
  • Plan around weekends and holidays
    • Maximize your paid time off! My impending 18 day, New Year’s Eve trip to Thailand/Japan trip is made possible by me planning around my paid days off due to Christmas, New Years and the weekend. So I’ll be off ten days in December, but only using five vacation days. You may not have enough time to fly to a different country over the weekend, but it’s surely enough time to check out a new city!
  • Have a Travel Savings Goal
    • Put a percentage of your paycheck into a separate account.  Save up for one big trip or lots of mini weekend trips. Use it for plane tickets, travel accommodations, or anything you deem necessary to travel. I started putting 5% of every paycheck into a separate account and it has accumulated nicely.
  • Traveling on Business 
    • If your job requires you to travel, even to a conference in a different city, add-on a day or two before or after your business portion of your trip to explore!
  • Travel Alone
    • If you wait for all your ducks to be in a row, you may never cross the street.” My new manta is: “Book Now…Ask questions later!” Sometimes you just have to book that trip alone if it’s somewhere you really want to go. Although my trip to Thailand is booked through the travel company EF College Break, I booked it solo and I don’t know a soul going on this trip. But I’m confident that I’ll leave with many new friends. But if I waited for someone I knew to book with me, that trip may not be booked today! So JUST DO IT.


How do you manage to travel while maintaining your job responsibilities? Drop some knowledge!

Happy Travels!


3 thoughts on “Don’t Quit Your Day Job or Day Dream

  1. Heidi F. says:

    I definitely agree with what you’re saying in this article. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your earnings at the expense of wanting to pursue your dreams. That’s just foolishness! I admire your forward thinking and boldness. I do a lot of things on my own, whether it’s movies, dinner, or whatever. If I wait for others to join me on living MY life, I’ll never get the chance to. Go forth and conquer Jay!

    Liked by 1 person

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