How To Love Me

Just think how much easier relationships would be if both parties came forward with instructions with how to love them. Every individual is different – you can’t love someone how YOU want to be loved, nor how you loved someone else in the past.

I was inspired by the beautiful Shan Boodram after seeing her tweet, about the #HowToLoveMeChallenge.

The ‘challenge’ seemed easy enough. Write a list of directions on how to love you. Simple right?


At least for me, this was harder than I thought.

I really had to take some time and think about those moments where I felt happiest and most loved and what was happening that made me feel that way.



Here is my list:

How To Love Me

  • Pray with me and for me. Talk to God about me.
  • Ask me my opinion on things
  • Talk to me. Tell me how you feel. Ask me how I feel.
  • Really listen to me
  • Belly laugh with me. Laugh at my jokes (they are corny, I know)
  • Help me see my weaknesses/Help me grow them into strengths
  • Be goofy with me
  • Cook for me (please)
  • Include me in your hobbies sometimes. Show genuine interest in my hobbies too.
  • Take random pictures with me
  • Send me random articles you find interesting
  • Trust me
  • Plan and go on adventures with me. Travel with me.
  • Physical touch – hugs, random kisses, cuddles
  • Uninterrupted quality time – No phones. No work.
  • See the magic in me – all that I am and all that I’m destined to be

Whew! And that’s the user manual to Jay’s heart*

So aiight, to my future Mr. Him , you quite literally have NO reason to claim you don’t know how to show me love. I put it out for the whole world to see. Gifts aren’t necessary, just cook for me from time to time and laugh with me. I’ll be happy.

What are some instructions to YOUR heart? I would love to know…

Con amor (with love),



*Will not work for everyone

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