What throwing up a $40 brunch taught me

One of my favorite ways to spend a Sunday is by having brunch, especially when they include bottlemless mimosas. I’ve been trying to cut back on these boozy brunches to save money for upcoming trips, but sometimes you just have to TREAT YO SELF. 

Well, treating myself led me to spending the night on my bathroom floor, alone, only waking up to stick my head in the toilet. Food poisoning. Sexy right? But in that moment, while throwing up that expensive brunch (what a waste), I had this feeling of strongness. I was adulting. This is what adults do – take care of themselves when they are sick, right? I don’t need to call anyone, not even my momma. I got this.

That (fake) feeling of strongness had me feeling like I was well enough to go to work this morning. After stopping for a green apple, ginger ale, and a Gatorade, I sat at my desk, dry heaving, until my coworkers begged me to go home. 

But you know what I learned through all of this though? It’s okay to not be strong sometimes. Adulting isn’t always being strong. You don’t have to fake it ’til you make it. Sometimes it’s recognizing you need to take a sick day, for your physical or mental health. Sometimes it’s asking for help. Sometimes it’s calling your family to tell them you’re sick. Today, adulting for me meant all of the above, plus going home, sleeping, watching the eclipse, and eating the first thing my body was craving (pizza, of course). Adulting meant taking care of me, not pretending everything was okay.

Anyway, I felt the need to share. This isn’t a cutesy post with pictures, this is all written on my phone while halfway watching Game of Thrones for the second time…ever. This is a reminder to take care of yourself. 

You need you. 

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