El Yunque overlook

El Yunque National Forest

They say a picture is worth a thousand words…so I’ll say very little and let the beautiful photos of El Yunque National Rainforest speak for me….

This was the definitely the highlight of my trip to Puerto Rico.


El Yunque overlook

Overlooking El Yunque

  • Yocahu Tower

    Huff & Puff your way up the 98 stairs in the Yokahu Tower. Once you’re at the top of the observation tower, you will have a panoramic view of the northeast coast of Puerto Rico, offshore islands, and gorgeous mountain peaks.

    Yokahu Tower

    View from the top of Yokahu Tower.


    Small Indian Mongoose

    One thing I DIDN’T want to see while in the rainforest…found this sign near the tower.


    El Yunque was so majestic.


    Sunset Over San Juan

    We returned back to San Jaun just in time to catch a gorgeous sunset on a perfect day. You can’t look at this and not believe in God.

    Things I wished I knew:

    • You CANNOT hike a rain-forest in flip flops. The rain-forest has steep trails and most certainly, one slip would lead to your death. My mom made this mistake (of wearing flip flops, not falling to her death). Don’t be like my mom.
    • Water. Agua is needed. Pack your own. And don’t be like me…eat food before you start this hike. My breakfast smoothie did nothing. But look how cute it was! (Check out Ba Juice if you’re in San Jaun!)IMG_3007
    • Water shoes. Waterfalls have slippery rocks at the bottom that move when weight is applied. I stepped on a rock and almost broke my pinky toe when it was lodged under another rock. That hurt. Could had been avoided if I wore proper shoes.
    • The walk uphill is a challenge. Take your time with Big Tree Trailhead
    • The first water-fall will be packed with people. If you’re up to it, hike up a little bit further to the other waterfalls. We didn’t…because, someone wore flip flops…(Looking at you, Mom)
    • Don’t Uber to the El Yunque. You will get dropped off in some weird spot and will be hiking up a narrow, curvy, road with cars passing you before you even get into the rain forest. Renting a car is the best way to get there.

Been to El Yunque or another cool place in Puerto Rico? Let me know so I can check it out next time!

JayMo OUT!


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