I Got Shot!

….I got Shot by Summer 😍

A few months ago, I travelled up to the DMV (D.C., Maryland, Virginia, for you uncultured swine). Too many weird things were going on in my personal life and I needed to get out of Florida for a bit….so I did what I do best: impulsivly purchased a plane ticket to visit family in Maryland.

Summer is a photographer from my hometown and now lives in Maryland.  I’ve been obsessing (AKA stalking her photography’s Instagram page: Shot By Summer) over her newest project she is working on: 100% Raw Melanin – Unrefined. Unfiltered.

Black and Brown people come in so many different shades and tones and her new series exemplifies the beauty in within US.

So when she saw I was coming to the DMV, she asked if I was willing to shoot with her. UMMMM…YEAH! Shoot me, sis.

Things Summer did:

Check out a few of my favorite shots from my 100% Raw Melanin – Unrefined. Unfiltered. series!
I totally channelled my inner Seat at the Table by Solange when Summer put the flowers in my fro.

Shot By Summer

Y’all…I littertly SCREAMED and JUMPED ON THE BED when I saw this photo…I’m putting this on a canvas. IDC.IDC.IDC

Shot By SummerShot By Summer

So if you’re ever in the DMV check out Summer. She does some traveling too! I can’t wait to shoot with you again! She has a goofy personality (like me), so that’s how I know y’all are going to LOVE HER! Plus, she does website web design, logos, and she’s awesome with the camera so that’s another reason you need to let her shoot you…so you can say, “I GOT SHOT BY SUMMER!

Instagram: Summer Williams and Shot By Summer 
Website: http://www.SHOTbySummer.com




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