10 Magical Sexts

Ever gotten a non sexual text but it was so good/nice/sweet/thoughtful that it might have gotten you a bit excited?


Because nothing beats knowing someone is thinking about you….and food. Something terribly sexy about a couple whippin it up in the kitchen together. Add wine and an old skool playlist and issa date night at home.


Find someone who wants to cuddle up on the couch with you and binge watch shows. Hint: if you start a show with someone, be considerate and DON’T finish the series without them ๐Ÿ™„


That exciting feeling you get when your boo-thing pulls up. (We’re Millennials….you text that you’re here or have a key to the house. What’s a doorbell or knocking?)


When your bae has a presentation to give at school or work, you want to show your support. Of course all good things end with a celebratory drink of whiskey.


Ahhh…the man cold. It happens. Let the manly one in your life be a big baby for once. Soup, meds, Netflix and cuddling always seems to do the trick.


Find someone who roasts you…but still appreciates your imperfections and quirks.


Someone that knows your fears….and jokingly plays into them.


Find someone who pushes you….but if you push back, they know your limit and what REALLY makes you happy.


Nothing like getting a “I can’t wait to see you” text towards the end of your work day. Especially when that feeling is mutual ๐Ÿ’•

10.ย An actual sext:

What texts got you all hot and bothered? ย Aย “I washed and put up the dishes” or “I’ll have dinner ready by the time you come home” is def a sext!m nosey so comment below! xoxo,yMo



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