Happy 1st Birthday! – What I Learned


I can’t believe it’s The Single Peach’s 1st birthday! It’s been exciting learning how to build a blog and sharing my art with you. It’s so nerve racking being vulnerable and opening up to the internet, but one year later, I’ve learned and felt so comfortable sharing my truth with the world.

I’m still learning, still growing, still writing, but please excuse this brief hiatus that I’ve been taking while I expand into my YouTube Channel. I took everyone’s advice and I’m bringing my personality to screen near you.
*P.S.* YouTube channel can be found here.*

So in the 365 days since my first post, here is what I’ve learned SO FAR:

  • I’m an artist, and I’m sensitive about my sh*t:There are so many drafts I have right now, but it’s hard to press “publish” sometimes. Sharing your truths can be tough. Most of the time, I’m overwhelmingly met with positive words, but some of my controversial topics (i.e., My First Date with a White Guy), was met with a lot of shares, views, and varying opinions. But still, I love that part of blogging and the different viewpoints.
  • Inspiration does not mean imitation: After I started sharing my blogs, an influx of my friends also started blogs. At first, not going to lie, I was secretly annoyed 😅. But, I supported and followed their blogs because it was pretty amazing content. I’ve been told that I was an inspiration to them to start their blogs. I wasn’t even trying to do that, I was just having fun, but what an amazing feeling to know that going out on a whim can jumpstart someone else to finally do what they always wanted to do.
  • Be You:Sounds easy, right? But the more I follow bloggers, vloggers, YouTubers, etc, the more I see them change up. Yes, when you’re making the big bucks from social media, I assume it’s easy to switch up to what keeps making you money. I vow to never change up…even when I start making the big bucks (SPEAKING IT INTO EXISTENCE). There are so many “Influencers” being mad fake, but in this social media age, authenticity and transparency will get you so far. People can tell when you’re being genuine, so be real, and be you.

Happy Cake Day to my baby,
with love,
The Single Peach

3 thoughts on “Happy 1st Birthday! – What I Learned

  1. Summer says:

    I’ve loved this blog from the first day I stumbled upon it! You inspired me to open up more and share my thoughts with my social media thoughts…hence my recent influx of IG story posts, lol.

    Working up the nerve to post a real blog post tho…it’s something about that not expiring in 24 hours or less that’s kept me hesitant but I’m getting there boo!

    Thanks for inspiring me and the laughs!

    I can see a book in your future! 👀


    • Jay says:

      You are seriously one of my favorite people I follow on IG. You and your car thoughts and when you be clocking out of work 😂😂
      For your blog, in the wise words of Shia LaBouf “JUST DO IT” because if it’s anything like your IG stories, it’s going to be the best.


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